Monday, August 13, 2012

Tulsa Tough/Nature Valley

My legs started coming around again as Tulsa neared, I was getting some good local results with several top tens through the Texas State Crit weekend. Tulsa tough was a good weekend to gear up for Nature Valley. I really wanted to do well there but it ended up being a wash. The TT went ok, the third stage was cancelled due to a torrential downpour, and I got sick the day of the fourth stage. Being a six stage race, the rest of the race was not that fun. Menomonee, the fifth stage, was a 100 mile road race with some pretty good climbs in it. Unfortunately, it rained for a good bit of the time, which was absolutely amazing seeing as how I was already fighting some sort of respiratory sickness. I continued through the last day, one of the hardest crits in the nation, to finish off the race. I have to send a shout out to Rob and Bekka Legler. They graciously opened their house up to our entire team, mechanic included, for our stint in the Twin Cities area. They were amazing hosts and somehow, I am pretty sure I gained weight by the end of the trip due to Bekka's amazing cooking (despite being sick and racing a stage race).

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